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15 Dozen Club At Acme Oyster House

15 dozen club at acme oyster house food challenge

Another eating contest that was featured on Man v. Food last season, the 15 dozen club is truly a feat in itself. I don’t even think I could eat a plate of these oysters by myself let alone 15 of them. Do you have what it takes to eat 180 oysters in one sitting? If so, head on over to the Acme Oyster House.

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Where: Acme Oyster House
Multiple Locations in Louisiana

Challenge: Eat 15 dozen oysters (180) in one sitting .
Time Limit: Must average 7 dozen an hour, can’t sit there all day.
People: 1
Prize: Free (or discounted) Oysters, Name on the wall, T-shirt
Rules: According to the website the only rule is you have to eat them in one sitting by yourself, but ask your waitress for official rules.

[Image courtesy of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food]


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  • Hey “I Bet You Won’t” Readers. I worked closely with Acme to put together thier website. Thanks for the mention of the 15 dozen club. It’s a beast. I wanted to clarify the one sitting rule…I think you have to average about 7 dozen oysters an hour. Can’t sit there all day, though I can’t imagine you’ll be going too far after eating all those oysters. Good luck to any of those brave enough to try it.

  • Thanks for the comment Joey and very clean website. I’ll amend the “rules” with your update. I figured you couldn’t sit there for 9 hours and take a nap in between plates or anything. If you find out anything more official let me know. I’m going to start following up with the restaurants to get the full rundown of rules eventually.

  • Old Post now you have one hour to eat 15 dozen and if you do so they will be half price. If you break the record at that location they will be free. But there are still an 18% gratuity to the shutters in any case. Not sure what happens if you don’t eat all 15 dozen but I would assume you pay full price for what you eat? That’s just a guess on my part on what happens if you don’t eat all 15 dozen

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