Burrito/Taco, Colorado

5 lb Breakfast Burrito Challenge at Jack N Grill

Don’t confuse the Jack N Grill Restaurant and Cantina fast food or you may upset them. All their ingredients are fresh and cooked fresh when you order them, including all of the ingredients in their massive 5 pound grande breakfast burrito.

Where: Jack N Grill
2525 N. Federal
Denver, CO  80211
303.964.9544 | http://www.jackngrill.com

Challenge: Finish the Grande Breakfast Burrito by yourself. Consists of 8 eggs, 1 lb. of ham, lots of cheese, potatoes and onions and your choice of chili. Weighs in at about 5 pounds.
Time Limit: None mentioned
People: 1
Prize: Picture on the Wall
Rules: Other than finishing it in one sitting the website lists no other rules. Double check at the restaurant for official rules.

[Image courtesy of Metromix Denver]

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  1. 1

    So the burrito weighs in close to 7 lbs, and last time I was in the prizes were:

    Male – free food for a year
    Female – free food for life

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