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Atomic Hot Wing Challenge at Quaker Steak and Lube

atomic wing challenge at quaker steak and lube

I know how you guys love wing challenges so I figured it was time to throw out another classic Man v. Food hot wing challenge, although in this case I may be a little late. I’m not sure if this challenge even exists anymore as the website for Quaker Steak and Lube now lists an even hotter wing sauce in their Triple Atomic Sauce which is supposedly 500,000 Scoville units where as the Atomic Sauce is only 150,000 Scoville units. I’ve also run into some conflicting reports regarding the rules of this challenge so please make sure to check with your server before you attempt this and if anyone has been there recently and knows if the challenge or rules have changed, please let us know so I can update this post.

If you’re looking for some unique hot sauce to try on your wings at home, check out the Bufalo Chilpotle Sauce, it’s delicious!

Atomic Hot Wing Challenge

  • Eat 6 Atomic Wings

Food Challenge Rules/Prizes

  • 1 Person
  • Time Limit: None
  • Prize: Name on the Wall of Fame & a Free bumper sticker
  • Rules: Nothing to drunk while taking the challenge, must sign a waiver


Quaker Steak and Lube
All over the Country: Locations List

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  • I did this challenge several months ago and the challenge actually consisted of eating 6 triple atomic and 5 atomic wings. No ranch or any other sauce that might dilute the ridiculously spicy wings except the few whole jalapenos provided (probably as a joke, but they were needed to cool me down). I had a large draft Sammy A. and all the napkins I needed. Like wings? Love spicy? Definitely give this a shot and you get a cool bumper sticker. The T-shirt has to be purchased.

  • I did a variation of this (I’m a vegetarian) by ordering the sauce separately and mixing it with their GREAT beans and rice. I thought I would need a colostomy bag, but the sauce has a lot of flavor and makes it worse the horrible aftermath.

    • I did it when i was 14 with a parent consent and a medical form so if anything went wrong quaker couldnt be held liable they make you wear glives because it birns your skin i got the t-shirt and the ataff said that it was amazing because full grown men cry and i didnt

  • I did this challenge at the lube in council blufs ia, they told me you have to eat the atomic wings before you can go for the tripple atomic challenge, but i told them in no stranger to spice as i had destroyed the blazing wing challenge a week earlier at buffalo wild wings, so they let me jump right into the tripple atomic challenge, it is by far hotter than buffalo wild wings but i beat it none the less. you can watch me defeat both these challenges on my facebook page as we filmed both events, add me if you wanna check it out, jake troshynski

  • I actually order the atomic wings as part of my regular order there frequently. The first time I tried the triple atomic wings I actually wrote to complain becuase at that point they had too much sweet in the sauce and even my oldest boy (age 10) wasn’t bothered by them. They changed the sauce after a while and it is better now.

  • Did the Atomic challenge in Austintown, Ohio. It was 6 wings, no time limit, napkins & drinks OK. No one stood there and watched, they just trust I finished them all, got a bumper sticker and the yellow Atomic Challenge T-shirt was $8. Followed that by doing the Triple Atomic, same rules, and got the black Triple Atomic Challenge shirt for another $8. Recently became the first to complete a ghost chili wing challenge at a local place, but in that you have to eat 10 jumbo wings in 6 minutes, no drinks, no napkins nor wiping face, 5 minute cooldown. The owner stands there and times you. Got the wings for free but the biggest problem was getting only 36 seconds a wing.

  • Did the wing challenge the other night at the Richmond VA lube joint.
    I have been told 3 sets of rules on the contest.

    1. eat 5 triple atomic for a shirt, bumper sticker, and name on wall
    2. eat 6 atomic and 5 triple in 10 minutes for same prizes
    3. eat 5 atomic and 5 triple plus some peppers with no time limit.

    Told they didn’t have any shirts at that time to give away or any waivers for me to sign. WTF? Could come back later to pick up my shirt.

    I think the regular atomic sauce is rancid tasting so asked if I can just have all 11 wings in the triple atomic. They did allow this.

    They brought out the wings, I ate them just fine. Actually love the sauce on the triple atomics as its a sweeter pepper sauce. Don’t think its actually 500k though. still good.

    They need to at least post the contest and rules at the resturant for everyone to know, mainly the people who work there.

  • The lube isn’t a real challenge, per SE, but rather just good hot wings with some gimmickry (they come out in a firemans suit, give you gloves, etc). I have done the atomic a few times and did the triple atomic right after the atomic one time. Funny all the tough guys on here. If the jolokia didnt make it hard for you to breathe then you didn’t get a good batch. Absolutely scorching for about 15 minutes aft I was done eating them. Intestingly, though, beer does cool it off a bit unlike most other peppers. The only problem really is the next day, but that’s typical.

  • Last night they hosted their first ever hot wing contest, who can eat the most triple atomic wings in 3 minutes. I won by eating 12.

  • Did it in Columbia, S.C.
    6 wings cost me $11 bucks or something like it.
    Kind of a rip off, but the shirt was free. Might go back up there and see if they’ll give me a bumper sticker.
    The sauce was delicious though, and I liked how it crept up on me.
    No pain really. Not very impressed.

  • My boy did the 6 wings and got no shirt and did not get hes name on the wall. He did it in 2min 27sec. They said they would mail it. Oh and sign no paper.!!

  • I haven’t yet tried the 6 wing challenge as of yet. I have done the one at dog and duck , in Charleston s.c.. It was twelve wings in fifteen minutes, no drink for 5 minutes after. They brought them to me with gloves on, face mask and safety glasses. By far the hottest I have ever eaten, did it twice.

  • How old do you have to be to do the challenge I can handle it but I’m only eleven I’ve been eating the hottest things since 6 years old and I think I’m strong enough to do your challange do you except >:)

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