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The Trough BBQ Food Challenge at Bull’s Smokin BBQ

trough food challenge bulls smokin bbq

Looking for a good BBQ food challenge in San Diego? Well look no further! The Trough BBQ Food Challenge at Bull’s Smokin BBQ is exactly what you’ve been looking for. San Diego might not be known for it’s BBQ, but it’s hard to pass up such an amazing food challenge opportunity. The Trough BBQ Food


Arizona, Sandwich

Manster Challenge at Redneck’s Southern BBQ Pit

manster challenge redneck southern pit bbq

Looking for a “manster” of a BBQ food challenge in Arizona? Then head on over to Redneck’s Southern BBQ Pit and give the Manster food challenge a try today! The Manster Food Challenge 2 lbs of Meat 1 lb of coleslaw 10″ of sandwich Food Challenge Rules/Prizes 30 Minutes to Complete No Prize Mentioned (ask


Illinois, Wings

Asylum Wing Challenge at Bulldogs Grill

asylum wing challenge bulldogs grill

A couple weeks ago we introduced you to the Bluto Burger Challenge at Bulldogs grill, but not everyone wants to inhale pounds of burger and would instead like to try something a little less intimidating, in terms of size. Today we introduce to you the Asylum Wing Challenge at Bulldogs Grill. Wings so hot satan


Burger, Illinois

Bluto Burger Challenge at Bulldogs Grill

bluto burger challenge at bulldogs grill

Love burgers, bacon and onion rings? If you answered yes to that question then you’re going to want to give the Bluto Burger challenge at Bulldogs Grill in northern Illinois. Along with the Bluto Burger Challenge there is also a really, really hot wing challenge at the restaurant as well known as The Asylum Challenge.


Burger, Missouri

Hail Mary Challenge at The Stadium Grill

hail mary challenge at Stadium Grill

Want to try a challenge that even some of the greats haven’t been able to conquer? Then head on down to The Stadium Grill in Columbia, MO to give the Hail Mary Challenge a try. This monstrous burger will keep you on your toes as you shove over 5 lbs worth of meat down your


Burger, Minnesota

Lucy Burger Challenge at Tin Cup

lucy burger challenge at tin cup st paul mn

Tin Cup is known for it’s Juicy Lucy burgers which are burgers that have cheese and other toppings sandwiched in the middle of two beef paddys. And no, not just like one beef paddy with toppings on it that is then topped with another beef paddy, these burgers have the toppings sandwiched and sealed inside


Burger, Missouri

Route 66 Burger Challenge at Cookin From Scratch

route 66 burger challenge at cookin from scratch

Ultraviper2 on Twitter submitted this incredible 66 oz. burger challenge down at Cookin From Scratch in Doolittle Missouri. This thing is humongous. It’s basically the size of a pizza, but with a lot more meat! I know there’s no way in the world I’d be able to finish this thing, but maybe some of you