Hawaii, Omelet/Eggs

The Moose Omelette Challenge at Moose McGillycuddy’s

moose omelette food challenge

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, so what better way than to break the fast than with the enormous Moose Omelette from Moose McGillycuddy’s Pub & Cafe in Hawaii. If you’ve ever woken up and thought to yourself, I feel like eating an entire carton of eggs for breakfast, than this challenge is just


Hawaii, Pancakes/Waffles

MAC Daddy Pancake Challenge at MAC 24-7

Pancakes have always been a favorite food of mine, but eating 3 14″ flapjacks that are bigger than my face seems like an impossible task and last night’s Man v. Food may have proved that. Only 7 people out of the 250+ that have attempted the challenge have been successful, and Adam was not one