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Fire In Your Hole Wings Challenge at Munchies 420 Cafe

fire in your hole wing challenge at munchies 420 cafe

This week on Man v. Food Adam headed down to Sarasota, FL to endure a “mystery challenge” at Munchies 420 Cafe. The owner would not tell him what the challenge was before he sat down and when he did he was in for a huge surprise. The cafe is known for their fat sandwiches stuffed with everything from chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks to macaroni and cheese. The fat sandwiches here look amazing and I would have loved to see Adam try to destroy one of the larger ones, but alas the challenge didn’t involve any of these. Instead he was greeted with 10 (or 12?) of some of the hottest wings on the planet. These wings use a sauce that is a combination of some of the hottest peppers in the world, including the extract of THE hottest pepper in the world, the ghost pepper. Needless to say Adam did not fair well at all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him struggle with a challenge this much. So if you’re looking for an extreme challenge, head on down to Munchies 420 Cafe and give these wings a try, or just try one of their delicious looking fat sandwiches.

Where: Munchies 420 Cafe
6639 Superior Ave
Sarasota, FL 34231
941.929.9893 | http://www.munchies420cafe.com

Challenge: Eat 10 of their extremely hot wings
Time Limit: 20 minutes
People: 1
Prize: Picture on the wall of fame (if you lose, picture goes on the wall of shame)
Rules: No milk, but can take a few sips of water. Challenge is not mentioned on the website so make sure to ask your server any questions.

[picture courtesy of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food]


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  • this place is awesome!!!! i have been there because its in my home town. they have these amazing deep fried apple pie things that are incredible!! the best part is they deliver until midnight and they are open from 4:20 p.m. to 4:20 a.m. 😉

  • I got them last week. I completed the challenge. They are using capsaicin crystals which are 16 million scoville units. It was hot, but not impossibly hot. The sauce is quite tasty actually. The cook was really bummed that the wings didn’t cause me any physical harm or tears, and I barely sweated. Go and check it out!

    • I work there, and they use the Ghost Chili extract, which are the hottest chillies in the world. I’m not sure what kind of a person could consume ghost chilies and say they are “not that hot”…maybe you ordered the wrong sauce?

  • gostaria de conhecer este lugar pois moro aqui em são paulo – BRASIL

    Gosto muito de desafio de alimentos nse possivel me indicar como fazer o molho picante e seus igredientes para fazer em casa e suas receitas desses lanches deliciossos que tanto servemn “Munchies 420 Cafe ”

    Sem mais adizer obrigado por essa oportunidade
    feliz 2011

  • I successfully completed this challenge yesterday at the Gainesville, FL location. I went into it knowing how rough it was going to be, but the $20 price tag gave me even more of an incentive to conquer the 10 mega hots wings. Unfortunately, I have trouble throwing up so from the moment I finished plowing all the wings up until two hours ago (the next day) I have been undergoing the most painful experiences I’ve ever subjected myself to in my entire life. I love hot sauce, but this isn’t your average hot sauce. If you ever decide on doing this, be sure to allot an entire 24 hours to pain… and be sure you don’t have work, school, any productivity at all other than living/recovering in the bathroom.

    The pepper extracts do burn skin, so do not touch your face. I’ve washed my hands multiple times since yesterday and there’s still a faint tingling/burning sensation going on.

    And if you’re looking to recover from any of this: throw up immediately after the competition. I learned that the hard way and ended up suffering. If you’re like me, a little bit of milk at first. Then later on eat yogurt. Along with those two: burnt toast/bagel with cream cheese. I was able to “sleep” after slowly doing all of those.

    One word to describe the overall experience: torture.


  • The website does mention the challenge. You also have to sign a waiver and the wings are dine in only for safety reasons, regardless if u eat them without doing the challenge.

  • Seriously do not do this. These people should be ashamed to even do this as a competition as it can be seriously detrimental to your health. We know 3 people that tried this and two ended up in hospital for 2 days (pretty hefty price tag). One person had to have there stomach pumped (how expensive is that) and we heard another person that did this at another time is still having underlying issues. So be warned this may be more expensive to you than you can ever imagine; a twenty dollar t-shirt is certainly not worth it so just be warned. Talk to a medical professional and ask them what underlining issues this can do to someone. Not only are there ghost peppers in the sauce but, I hear they also inject them into the actual wings.

  • They cheated in Man vs Food. They added a whole bottle of ghost chili extract (caught on audio). Basically they weaponized the wings, put a man’s life at risk, just to look good on TV.

  • Just make sure they don’t cheat like they did with Adam. That was completely dangerous you guys were fucked up

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