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Godzilla Roll Challenge at Sushi Delight

godzilla sushi challenge

Do you have what it takes to destroy Godzilla? Well if you don’t think you can handle the vicious monster what about the Godzilla Roll Challenge? Consisting of 6 pounds of seafood (although one commenter swears it’s more like 9 lbs so be warned), this sushi platter is sure to make all other sushi plates feel inadequate.

Where: Sushi Delight
2117 Pacific Coast Hwy
Lomita, CA 90717
310.530.1725 |

Challenge: The Godzilla Roll Challenge consists of 6 pounds of sushi roll topped with a special blend of house sauce.
Time Limit: 1 Hour
People: 1
Prize: Entry on the Wall of Fame, a Free T-Shirt and of course your meal is free ($34.95 value).
Rules: Looks like the only rule is the time limit, but make sure to check with your server before attempting.

[picture courtesy of Sushi Delight, thanks for the submission guys]

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    its 18 pieces total. its most like the king kong roll. very tasty. its equivelent to about 4 king kong rolls.. give or take a little.

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    The roll itself was good but 4lbs is way off. i just drove and hour one way and 2 1/2 hours in traffic back home to do this challenge and i was lied to by this site and the site on the weight of this roll. the roll had to weigh about 9lbs in real life. there were 14, 1 1/4in pieces about 5in in diameter and it was fucking massive. I ate half of the thing and brought home the leftovers and weighed them. my leftover half weighed over 3lbs. there is no way that this roll is only 4lbs. its all a trick. there were only 8 people who have completed the challenge out of like 200. i will never go back to eat there or to try the challenge again. i dont know if they just make it bigger for the average dude like me who tries it so they dont have to pick up the tab or what but this the one i got was way heavier then was described or depicted. total fail on sushi-delight. i ate my 4lbs. i want my free meal and t-shirt damnit!!!

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      We don’t come up with the descriptions of the challenges so we’re sorry it wasn’t what you were expecting, but we appreciate you letting us know so we could update it for others that may want to try.

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    The Godzilla Roll is a “6” pound roll. The size never changed but we had the wrong weight before. If you can please make the changes from 4 to 6 that would be awsome.

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