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Kong Challenge at Chet and Matt’s Pizza

Do you have  a friend that really loves pizza? Do you think you guys have what it takes to polish off a 29″ pizza together in under 30 minutes? If so then head on down to Chet and Matt’s Pizza in Sandusky, OH to take on the Kong Challenge. Normally this beast serves 8-10 adults, but you must complete it with only 2 people to conquer this challenge. Picture above is the actual pizza, but if anyone has a better image they would like share please feel free to send it over to submit@ibetyouwont.com.

Where: Chet and Matt’s Pizza
1013 E. Strub Rd.
Sandusky, OH 44870
419.626.6000 | http://www.chetmattspizza.com

Challenge: 29″ Pizza aka the Kong Challenge.
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
People: 2
Prize: Cash prize (value not mentioned), a free t-shirt and gift certificates.
Rules: The website does not mention anything specifically except the amount of people and the time limit so make sure you check with your server before attempting the challenge.

[Image courtesy of photogramcrackersandmilk.blogspot.com]


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  • I called them today to get more information about the challenge. Here is what I learned:

    29 inch pizza works out to 54 pieces.
    2 toppings with cheese $34 plus tax.
    Prizes are 2 t-shirts, $100 to be split, the pizza itself is free and you get a gift certificate for another kong pizza. So far in 11 years only 3 teams have completed it. The pizza itself takes 40 minutes to cook so they prefer you do it during the week away from prime business hours. We should hopefully be able to provide more pictures later since my friends and I hope to take at least two teams up there to compete in the challenge. Love the site. Just wish there were more challenges in Ohio.

  • Thanks for the comment Erik, as appreciation we’ve posted another challenge in Ohio that hopefully you and your friends can try and let us know how it goes. Good luck with the Kong Challenge and thanks for reading!

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