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Ludicrous Wing Challenge at Chicken or The Egg

ludicrous wing challenge chicken or the egg

It sure does seem that there are a lot of wing challenges out there for Adam to attempt, but despite the name of this one it didn’t seem like it was as bad as some of the others. These are jumbo wings as opposed to normal wings, they are also breaded which makes them a bit more to handle since the breading soaks up the hot sauce, but as far as hotness goes Adam didn’t seem to have that big of a problem with them. He went with an unorthodox, but smart, strategy of taking the first 8 minutes of his 15 minute time allotment to remove the wings from the bones so that he could eat them without getting hot sauce all over his face. This cut out the face burn factor which made the wing meat easier to eat in the end, and in the end he prevailed. But just because Adam was the 4th person to complete the challenge doesn’t mean that it’s an easy one, so give it a shot and let us know how you fair against the Ludicrous Wing Challenge!

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Where: Chicken or the Egg
207 North Bay Ave
Beach Haven, NJ 08008
609.492.3695 |

Challenge: Finish 12 jumbo wings slathered in Ludicrous hot sauce
Time Limit: 15 Minutes
People: 1
Prize: I’m honestly not sure, I didn’t hear anything mentioned on the show and website doesn’t have much info. If you know the prize please let us know.
Rules: No rules other than 15 minute time limit and no leaving the table. Feel free to drink whatever and use ranch sauce to cool the wings down. Be sure to ask your server for official rules before attempting this challenge.

[picture courtesy of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food]


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  • The prize is a t-shirt.
    First our waitress sat down at the table when I brought up the challenge. She looked at me like I told her ass was big. You can’t do the naked style and you have to do the breading. They come out looking redder than anything I have ever seen. It is a deep unnatural red that stems from what I can only imagine is a part of he’ll reserved for the truly heinous.
    The first issue is the size of these beasts. They are huge and unwieldy. These are WWE chicken pieces. One of the wings was I believe a baby’s arm. The breading is not my preferred wing style and it adds considerable heft.
    I dove in with bravado, but it was so much damn chicken and then, like the roar of oncoming train it hit me. I was shaking. I felt poisoned. Nothing stemmed the blowtorch that was being leveled at me point blank. I managed to knock down 5, but I knew I would never get through the baby’s arm even if I managed to finish the rest. The blue cheese has no cooling effect. There would be no reprieve from the heat. I was beat after 4 minutes.
    Then the agony began. I felt like there were glass shards in my stomach. There was surly some monster eating it’s way out of me. I spent the next two hours getting sick twice and doubled over in pain.
    Now, a word of caution for the macho building in the readers brain. I have bested the Phall at Brick Lane, eaten raw naga jolokias with nary an issue, consider anything to be better with heat, yet this was different. The extract they use is pure unhappiness. It is concentrated heat.
    The guy told me 4 have beaten it since the show aired. I wanted this win. Wanted it bad, but in the end I was beat by the heat.

  • So I took the challenge and won. I wanted to impress my girlfriends nephew, thought it would be a good idea. I have taken the Cluck U Challenge over 4 times, I eat their thermonukes for lunch. I eat the hottest green curry with delight. I eat scotch bonnets like cherry tomatoes. These wings destroyed me.

    I finished all 12, but after completion of the challenge, I was left sweating, shaking and delirious. They brought me two glasses of milk and a milkshake. Great folks in there, might I add, really nice people.

    The prize is a free tshirt, your name on a custom card thing, and the wings and milk were free. Now on the to the aftermath…

    As I said, I eat hot food for fun, destroying any challenge you can put me up against, often with no side effects or whining. The second I left the place, I drove around the corner and violently vomited. Then I drove an hour home, and upon arriving vomited again. Allow me to note that they are just as hot on the way up as they are on the way in.

    I continued to writhe in pain for about 8 hours after finishing, occasionally vomiting, and laying in fetal position. Just when I thought I was ok, the burning would start again and I would rush the the bathroom and vomit. The vomiting was followed by a burning from the stomach up to the mouth that is indescribable. Its like being stabbed in the chest. I was sitting there, a grown man, nearly in tears, curled up on the bathroom floor.

    My hands and face burnt for 2 days straight, and the third burn was absolutely unbearable. I couldn’t even sit. Tums, Pepto, Ginger Ale, Milk, nothing helped. So I turned to the only other option. Whiskey sours. The lemon/lime juice in the sour mix helped quite a bit, and the whiskey numbed out the rest. After becoming drunk and numb I slept for 12 hours and woke up fine.

    The moral of this story, if you think your a tough guy, think again. This challenge will bite your nuts off and spit them in your face.

  • I watched the show when Adam went back for the second time to try to eat the wings again and see that he made it that time.

    My question is, do you sell the Ludicrus Wing Sauce? I have two sons that buy each other different hot sauces whenever or wherever they go. The hotter the better. I would love to be able to buy them some for their birthdays that are coming up. One is Feb. 28th and the other is March 24th. We are in Titusville, FL until April 1st then we have to head back to New Hampshire. I would love to be able to mail them some.

    Thank you so much for your time. Looking forward to hearing back from you, or if you can tell me where I can buy some. Not even sure if you are selling them to other companies.

    By the way, loved your restaurant!! If we are ever in NJ, we will definitely look you up.

    Nancy Richardson

    • If you never found out! They do bottle the Ludicrous sauce from the Chicken or the Egg or as we call it around here the Chegg. (like the book rental website). its around 7.50 a bottle and is tough to stand even a toothpick tips worth of sauce, seriously.

  • I saw this and thought back to the days when I lived out by LBI, I remembered a friend if mine taking a shot of Ludicrous sauce like a shot to impress a boy. She spent the next hour vomiting on the beach (why not, it NJ) so naturally I felt I could do this.I am 23, 5’1″, and 120 lbs. I eat like a horse and I have actually eaten ludicrous before (didn’t enjoy it though), so I felt I had a good shot if I stuck to the gloves like Adam. I am here to tell you that Adam Richman is not human. I choked down over half, and I mean choked, every swallow tried to come back up on me like an apocalyptic chicken boomerang. And still the sauce wasn’t my downfall as much as the monster size of the wings themselves, these things are HUGE. I really think they may be using turkey wings.
    When I order them I saw something I have never seem before, the waiter did an actual double take. He asked me if I was sure and if I had ever had the sauce before. I told him I was of sound mind and signed his form, I took notice of all the other waitstaff whispering to each other and shaking their heads as if to ‘poor girl’. When they got to the table (with the free glass of milk) the smell hit me like mace. Not worried I dawned my gloves and started to rip them apart. I became aware of two things 1) These bad boys are HOT right out of the fryer 2) This is a ton of meat to shove down my gullet in 15 minutes.
    None the less I dove into them, the first bite was like the a thousand tiny knives stabbing me in the mouth, these knives were also on fire. I fought these murder wings with all I had, but when they told me I had 2 min left my heart sank because I knew I couldn’t do it, I had well over half down but what was left was just too much. I kept at it but failed by a fist full of murder meat.
    I spent the 3 and a half hour car ride home in a dazed painful state of misery.
    I was perfectly fine by the next morning though, never tossed my cookies. If nothing else that can stand as a testament to my stomachs ability to take abuse well.
    Women don’t do these challenges to often, I intend to win some for the ladies. I will defeat these wings someday.

  • I just took this challenge. Me and my brother both completed it. Him in 11 min. and I in 12 min.
    We used gloves to take the meat off and then ate the meat as fast as we possibly could without wasting time dipping in ranch, drinking milk, or anything like that.
    I was very surprised at how not hot the wings were. I was expected them to be the hottest thing I’ve ever ate, but they barely made the top 5 things I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve made wings myself that were much hotter.
    I was all worried about getting sauce on my face, but it did get all over my lips and skin around my face. I was expecting it to burn for days, but it was completely fine after 30 min. Also, the inside of my mouth only burned for about 20 min. after tops. This is weak for all of the hype from man v. food and all that.
    However, completing this challenge was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.
    The reason is the sheer size of these wings.
    Even if there were no hot sauce on these wings, I would still have a stomach ace from eating so much chicken in so little time. And add the ludicrous sauce into the equation, and you have a very unhappy camper.
    During the challenge, my biggest obstacle was just being able to chew, my jaw was so tired and I was having trouble just breaking down the meat.
    In the last few minutes of the challenge, it becomes increasingly scary that you are going to peuk at the table.
    Afterwards, my brother barfed right outside the restaurant in front of everyone that was waiting to be seated. It was hilarious. However, he had the last laugh in the end.
    I have never been so sick without throwing up or going to the hospital.
    Its not even that I was nauseous, it was that my stomach was in so much sheer pain.
    It felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing my stomach and allowing all of the acid to pour out and burn my intestines.
    It was as if I had done something terrible, and this was God’s method of bestowing punishment upon me.
    Every half hour I would go into extreme fits of pain, where I would be on the floor shaking in the fetal position, unable to move or talk. It was just difficult for me to move around all day. I ate the wings at 1:30 had to lay down for bed at 7:30 because I was so exhausted, and woke up about 10 times at night from the fits of pain.
    So, the moral of the story is:

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