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Are you an amateur eater looking for your claim to fame? Do you think you can handle a 28″ pepperoni pizza by yourself in less than an hour? And finally, are you in the Southern California area? Well seriously, what are you waiting for, head on down to LW Pizza right now and try your luck at the LW Pizza Eating Challenge. 5 amateurs have attempted the challenge and all 5 have failed miserably. Big Ben Monson apparently came by and finished the challenge in 20 minutes 15 seconds without even breaking a sweat, but that’s not who this challenge is for, this is for amateurs only. Be prepared to show ID and have your name “googled” before attempting the challenge to keep it fair for the true amateurs.

Where: LW Pizza
1716 Clark Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90815
562.985.0422 |

Challenge: LW Pizza Legend Eating Challenge: 28″ Pepperoni Pizza consists of 46 oz. of pizza dough, 38 oz. of mozzarella cheese, 16o pepperoni slices, 16 oz. of pizza sauce, makes 30 slices, equivalent of 4 large pizza weighing in at 7 pounds of food.
Time Limit: 1 hour
People: 1
Prize: If completed the pizza is free ($29.99 value), plus $100 cash and $100 gift certificate to LW Pizza
Rules: Cannot be a professional/competitive/IFOCE eater, must bring your ID and your name will be “googled” to determine professional status as far as eating. Once you complete the challenge in an hour or less you cannot attempt the challenge again.

[Thanks to Jason at LW Pizza for the information and pictures]


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  • Louis: It is not an event, you can just go in and attempt the challenge, but I would call ahead as usually with these large pizzas it takes some time to make and the restaurant needs a little heads up.

  • I was totally pumped to do this challenge and called ’em up to find out the price and if it’s still around. The guy that answered told me the challenge doesn’t exist anymore due to people coming coming in at random times and it affected their business. BUT, come July, they’ll have a new challenge set for Saturdays at 2PM. They’re also changing the prize. Just thought I’d give you a heads-up.

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