Hawaii Pancakes/Waffles

MAC Daddy Pancake Challenge at MAC 24-7

Pancakes have always been a favorite food of mine, but eating 3 14″ flapjacks that are bigger than my face seems like an impossible task and last night’s Man v. Food may have proved that. Only 7 people out of the 250+ that have attempted the challenge have been successful, and Adam was not one of those 7 (it was 4 at the time of taping). He seemed to be on a roll, but hit the 90 minute time limit with about 1/4 of the pancakes left. It was a good attempt, but not good enough. If you think you have what it takes to complete this challenge you’re going to have to do a little traveling as the restaurant is out in Hawaii, but if you do head out there let us know how you did!

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Where: MAC 24-7
2500 Kuhio Ave
Waikiki Beach, HI 96815
808.921.5564 | http://www.mac247waikiki.com

Challenge: Eat 3, 14″ pancakes topped with either blueberries, walnuts and chocolate chunks; pineapple, coconut and macadamia nuts; or cinnamon streusel  w/ vanilla glaze.
Time Limit: 90 Minutes
People: 1
Prize: Pancakes are Free, Picture on the Wall of Fame.
Rules: Website does not list any rules, but you have 90 minutes to complete the challenge and I don’t believe you can leave your seat. As with all the challenges check with your server for official rules as things sometimes change.


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  • Hey everyone!
    I am a freshman at the University of Kansas and will be traveling out to Hawaii this upcoming winter. I’ve watched Man Vs. Food quite a bit and Adam has inspired me. I will be taking on the MAC Daddy Pancake Challenge with the cinnamon streusel and vanilla glaze. Wish me luck!

  • Hey,

    I returned from Hawai’i this morning and during my stay, I went to Mac 24/7. It was a block away from my hotel. I am a big fan of MvF and wanted to try the challenge. Let me tell you, they are HUGE. I had a feeling they were big but was caught off guard by the actual size. I had the banana walnut, and chocolate chip panckes. They provide a cup of maple syrup, coconut syrup, and strawberry syrup. They layer each pancake with the toppings and that makes it 10X harder. The rules are 90 mins, and you can not get up during the challenge. You are able to use the bathroom before your first bite. 25 mins into it, I was done. I couldn’t even look at them. But I did eat about 1/4 of it. I tried. I def recommend this challenge to food and pancake lovers. Be prepared.

  • I just finished the challenge today, and did it in 24 minutes. I broke the old record of 36 minutes set a few months ago. I am from Kentucky and we eat BIG there, but this was definitely a tough challenge. I’ll probably not eat pancakes again as long as I live..

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