North Carolina Pizza

Paventi’s Challenge at Paventi’s Pizzeria

You didn’t think that just because Man v. Food didn’t actually do a challenge on the show last night that I wouldn’t give you a new one today did you? I wouldn’t do that to you, I know you’re hungry, and sticking with the North Carolina theme, I bring you Paventi’s Pizza Challenge. This monstrous pizza challenge has been attempted only 11 times according to their website and nobody has successfully completed it. So if you haven’t eaten in days and are not lactose intolerant then head on down to Paventi’s and give this thing a shot, it’s one of the few challenges that has an actual cash prize as well as the food for free.

Where: Paventi’s Pizzeria
Cheshire Commons
6434-D West Sugar Creek Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28269
704.509.4404 |

Challenge: 32″ Pizza loaded with fresh mozzarella cheese and one topping of your choice.
Time Limit: 1 Hour
People: 1
Prize: Pizza is free, a $56.99 value, plus whatever money is in the jackpot fund, currently $500
Rules: No help from friends, must complete in one 60 minute sitting, cannot leave the table, must keep down the entire pizza (crust and toppings), if successful you must wait 12 months before next attempt. As always, rules are subject to change so please check with your server for official rules. Good luck!

[Images courtesy of Paventi’s Pizzeria]

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