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The Bacon Bomb Challenge at Paddy Long’s

the bacon bomb challenge at paddy longs

Oh. My. God. I think I just found the holy grail of food challenges at Paddy Long’s in Chicago. Bacon is the candy of the gods so any food challenge that involves bacon, pork and beef has got to be the food challenge of the gods. This 5 pound monster is sure to satisfy your bacon needs for the next 5 years. So if you’re in Chicago and looking for a great place to get some beer and bacon make sure you hit up Paddy Long’s. And if you’re feeling deprived of bacon, make sure you give the Bacon Bomb Challenge a try!

Where: Paddy Long’s
1028 W. Diversey
Chicago, IL
773.290.6988 |

Challenge: The Bacon Bomb consists of 5 pounds of ground sausage, pork and beef mixed with spices and wrapped in a weave of brown sugar bacon, and then slow cooked on their pig roaster… along with a huge side of fries.
Time Limit: 45 Minutes
People: 1
Prize: If completed you get a free T-shirt, a spot on the wall of fame and your Bacon Bomb is FREE! ($50 value).
Rules: None mentioned but make sure to ask your server before attempting this challenge.

[image courtesy of Paddy Long’s]
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