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The Beefeater Challenge at Prime Quarter Steakhouse

With 3 locations in Wisconsin and 1 in Illinois, you should have no problem finding a Prime Quarter Steakhouse to attempt the Beefeater’s Challenge at. This 40 oz top sirloin that you cook yourself is an amazing feat of food. It’s not quite as big as the 70+ oz’ers you can find in the Southwest, but it’s not a bad compromise. So if you’re looking for some steak head on down to the nearest Prime Quarter Steakhouse and try your hand, or should I say mouth, at the Beefeater!

Where: Prime Quarter Steakhouse
3 Wisconsin, 1 Illinois Locations (see website)

Challenge: The Beefeater – 40 oz. of top sirloin w/ a salad, a baked potato and Texas toast.
Time Limit: 1 hour 15 minutes
People: 1
Prize: If completed you receive a medal that certifies you as a member of the “Beefeaters Club”. You can use this medal on your next visit to receive a free Prime Quarter Dinner ($19.95 value). Does not say anything about receiving the actual 40 oz. steak for free which has a $26.95 value.
Rules: Must complete all of the food in under 1 hour 15 minutes, no other rules mentioned, but be sure to ask your server for official rules.

[Image not actual representation of the challenge]


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  • I am watching Man -V- Food right now and my wife just asked if there were any challenges that I have ever wanted to try on Man -v- food… I told her I took the beefeater challenge a few years ago… Anyone taking it should be warned that I cooked the steak myself and I highly recommend a steak that is thinner so you dont have to make a couple of butterfly steaks to ensure the steak is cooked thru.

    Eat the salad and potato while you are waiting for the steak to finish cooking. Also, plan on having a couple extra pieces of texas toast because chewing all of that meat will certainly get old and your jaw will start to hurt. Went there with two of my buddies and we all completed it. One had a thinner 40 OZ steak, and my other buddy and I had thicker steaks that we had to buttefly. Good luck, we all walked away with our medallions and I still have mine hanging up in my Mancave.

  • When my late brother was General Partner, I did this 2 or 3 times. All it took was a few martinis to warm up and only about a half-hour to eat steak, potato with sour cream and Texas toast. Back then, there was no medallion…just a gift certificate for a regular dinner, $10.95 at the time, one of which I still have.

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