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The Carnivore Challenge at Big Pie In The Sky Pizzeria

The Carnivore Challenge was featured on season 1 of Man v. Food when Adam traveled down to Atlanta, GA. This pizza is enormous even for 2 people. It comes in at 30″ and weighs in at around 11 pounds and while it had never been completed when the episode aired, it has since been conquered twice and not by Adam. So if you’re looking for the mother of all pizza challenges and you live in the Atlanta area, head on down to Big Pie in The Sky Pizzeria and try your luck at one of the most feared food challenges in the country!

Where: Big Pie in The Sky Pizzeria
2090 Baker RD NW Suite A103
Kennesaw, GA  30144
770.420.8883 |

Challenge: The Carnivore Challenge: 30-inch, 11 lb carnivore pizza which consists of 6 pounds of crust and sauce, 5 lbs of pepperoni, ground beef, italian sausage, ham and bacon
Time Limit: 1 hour
People: 2
Prize: If completed your name goes on the website as well as $250 cash prize.
Rules: $50 to attempt the challenge,  must schedule attempt ahead of time, no throwing up and no leaving the table.

[image courtey of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food]


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  • They are allowed to leave the table (at least during the taping they were). They can get fresh air or use the bathroom (but if they use the bathroom it must be number 1, and not number 2).

    Only reason Adam failed was because his partner got so sick, he puked.

  • Is this challenge open on the weekends? My friend and I would love to tackle it but Monday thru Friday won’t work.

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