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The Challenger Stuffed Pizza Challenge at Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop

Talk about a monster pizza, the stuffed pizza challenge featured on Man v. Food last night was incredible. Being from Chicago I’m used to our stuffed crust pizza, but Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop brings a whole new meaning to the word stuffed. This pizza actually consists of all of the ingredients encased in a doughy crust almost like a pizza calzone. This challenge is not for the faint of stomach, even with a team of 2 people Adam had a hard time finishing his half, but with the help of his partner they were able to complete the challenge with 1 second to spare.

Where: Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop
1000 Tolland Tpke (other locations)
Manchester, CT 06042

Challenge: The Challenger stuffed pizza consists of a 22″ pizza stuffed with everything from broccoli to pepperoni and weighs in at about 10 pounds.
Time Limit: 1 Hour
People: 2
Prize: If completed the pizza is free ($35.25 value), you also get a $50 gift card, challenger hat and your name on the Wall/Table of Fame.
Rules: Besides the time limit I don’t recall anything else being mentioned, but make sure to check with your server before attempting.

[picture courtesy of Man v. Food]


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  • There are a few more rules. 1. One hour to finish. 2. Cannot leave the platform you are sitting at. 3. No puking. They make it look easy on the show, but it was painful

    • And Adam did not actually finish in time he had a wad of food still in his mouth when time was up and he spit it out and then vomited immediately after off camera

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