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The Comfy Cow Sundae Challenge at The Comfy Cow

comfy cow sundae challenge at the comfy cow

Man v Food Nation is in full swing and this week we got to see a guy take on a monster ice cream sundae. If you haven’t watched the episode yet I’m going to ruin it for  you, sorry. This guy was extremely impressive in his attempt to take down 15 scoops of ice cream, plus toppings, in an hour. He was so impressive in fact, that the only reason he failed is because he was too fast. If you’ve ever heard that saying that you can’t drink a gallon of milk in an hour, well this is the same idea. There’s just too much dairy there to consume in under an hour, but he would have had it had he not eaten 90% of the sundae in 15 minutes. Either way it was an impressive showing and I have no doubt that if he tried it again and paced himself he’d have no problem finishing it off.

Where: The Comfy Cow
1301 Herr Ln, Suite 118
Louisville, KY 40222
502-425-4979 |

Challenge: The Comfy Cow Sundae Challenge consists of 15 scoops of ice cream (flavor of your choice), topped with 16 oz of whipped cream, 8-10 cherries, 2 types of chopped nuts, and your choice of 4 different fruity toppings.
Time Limit: 1 Hour
People: 1
Prize: Free T-Shirt and your picture on the Wall of Fame. However if you fail your picture goes on the Wall of Shame. No mention of the meal being free, but take note that it does cost $39.95.
Rules: Finish the ice cream in the time allotted, you are allowed to stand up from the table and move around, but if you throw up you’re done.

[Picture Courtesy of Travel Channel’s Man v Food Nation]

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