Ohio Sandwich

The Melt Challenge at Melt Bar & Grilled

I’m surprised I missed this one since I absolutely love grilled cheese. But this isn’t your mother’s old fashioned grilled cheese, this is the titan of grilled cheese. This. Is. The. Melt Challenge! If you’re lactose intolerant, just looking at this mountain of gooey goodness will probably send your stomach whirling and your ass to the bathroom. So if you’re a cheese lover and love that cheese grilled, then head on out to Melt Bar & Grilled in Ohio to get your hands on this 14 cheese sandwich.

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Where: Melt Bar & Grilled
2 Locations in Ohio

Challenge: The Melt Challenge consists of 13 different cheeses all held in place by 3 pieces of grilled bread, a pile of hand-cut fries & slaw. It weighs in at over 5 pounds of food!
People: 1
Time Limit: None
Prize: If completed you’ll walk away with a Melt t-shirt or Melt pint glass, $10 gift card and your picture immortalized on the hall of fame website.
Rules: No help from anyone and no trips to the bathroom. Sounds simple enough.

[image is actual sandwich]


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  • I have ordered this sandwich twice. The first time was when I tried the challenge and it murdered me. I literally got stabbed to death and left in the alley by cheese. The thing tasted amazing and their coleslaw is the best I have ever tasted. With that amount of cheese I don’t think I could ever personally complete it in one sitting. I ordered it another time to split with my wife because the thing just tastes awesome with the combination of flavors.

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