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Uncle Bub’s Belly Bubster Monster Sandwich Challenge at Uncle Bub’s BBQ

If you’re a fan of BBQ and live in the Chicagoland area then you’re not going to want to miss this challenge. Uncle Bub’s BBQ has recently launched what might be the most delicious food challenge in the history of food challenges, the Uncle Bub’s Belly Bubster Monster Sandwich. This monstrosity consists of 7 layers of slow cooked BBQ meats which are all made in-house! My mouth is watering just thinking about this thing… So if you’re looking for good BBQ and you feel like you can shove 2 pounds worth of meat into your face, then head on down to Uncle Bub’s BBQ and give this challenge a shot! Since it’s creation in late 2010 only 1 person has been able to take down the beast. Will you be next?

Where: Uncle Bub’s BBQ
132 South Cass Ave
Westmont, IL
630.493.9000 |
Twitter | YouTube

Challenge: The Uncle Bub’s Belly Bubster Monster Sandwich challenge consists of 7 layers (~2 pounds) of slow cooked BBQ meats: Pulled Pork, Sliced Beef Brisket, Pulled Chicken, House-made Hot Link Smoked Sausage, Applewood Smoked Ham, Smoked Bologna and Bacon… topped with Uncle Bub’s Original BBQ Sauce and cheese on a 12 inch bun.  The sandwich is topped with a mound of fresh handcut fries and two of our signature fried mac-and-cheese balls.
Time Limit: 45 Minutes
People: 1
Prize: If completed you get your name and picture on their “Belly Bubster Wall of Fame” in the restaurant as well as on their Facebook page.
Rules: Must finish everything on the plate in the time allotted. Be sure to ask your server for official rules before attempting.


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  • dude lil jimmy has this in the bag! im hoping to bring a buddy or two up to uncle bubs this weekend and bust out with a challange, looser buys dinner 🙂 any ways congrats to uncle bubs for making what has to be one of the greatest home made videos of our time! dramma suspense and uncle bubs amazing food all over the cammera shots!

  • i’m totally gonna take on that sandwich challenge, 45 mins for an around 3 lb meat monstrosity with fries n mac & cheese balls? piece of cake, however i dont do beer so i would defo prefer a soft drink instead like root beer 😛 lol

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