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48 Oz. Steak Challenge at Sam’s Steakhouse

48 oz steak challenge at sam's steakhouse

A lot of you have been coming here looking for steak challenges so I decided that I’d bring you another large steak challenge today. This one isn’t quite as big as The Big Texan previously featured on the site, but it’s still a good hunk of meat. And since it’s smaller than the other steak challenges the time limit is also greatly reduced. You’re going to have to hustle to finish this thing off in the allotted time.

Where: Sam’s Steakhouse
Terre Haute, IN and Marshall, IL

Challenge: Eat a 48 oz. steak
Time Limit: 20 minutes
People: 1
Prize: Steak is free if completed along with a T-shirt.
Rules: No rules mentioned on the website, but make sure to ask your server before attempting the challenge.

[image is a 48 oz. steak, but not from Sam’s Steakhouse]

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