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72 oz Steak Challenge at The Big Texan Steak Ranch

big texan steak challenge

The Big Texan 72 oz steak challenge is probably the most well known food challenge in the country so I figured it was time to add it to the site. Our friend Val, who recently completed the Holy Moly Burrito Challenge, attempted to complete this last year and was unsuccessful, but still sent us pictures. Thanks again Val and we hope you continue to seek out these food challenges and send us the results. The 72 oz steak challenge was also attempted by Adam on Man v. Food in season 1 and I believe he completed it which is quite amazing because not only do you have to eat this huge steak, but you also have to eat quite a few things on the side and all in less than an hour!

Where: The Big Texan Steak Ranch
7701 E Interstate 40
Amarillo, TX 79118
806.372.6000 |

Challenge: 72 oz. Steak w/ potato, ranch beans, shrimp cocktail, salad and bread roll w/ butter.
Time Limit: 1 Hour
People: 1
Prize: Steak is free ($72 value), t-shirt, boot mug, and certificate. Winners can also add comments to the Wall of Fame in the restaurant and have their picture in the gallery on the website.
Rules: Entire meal must be consumed and swallowed. Before time starts you will be allowed 1 bite to make sure that the steak is cooked to your liking, after you approve the steak time begins. Once time has started you cannot stand up and nobody else can touch your meal. You don’t have to eat the fat, official judges will determine what is fat. No puking. ┬áMust pay for the steak before starting the contest. Must sit at a table that the judges specify. If you don’t finish the challenge you can take the steak home with you, but you cannot share the steak with anyone in the restaurant after attempting. Good luck.


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