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Firebrand Chili Challenge at Joe Roger’s Original Recipe Chili Parlor

Last night on Man v. Food Adam attempted to break the record for the most bowls of Joe Roger’s famous Firebrand Chili eaten in one sitting. In order to get your name on the wall of fame all you need to do is eat 1 bowl, but the record currently stood at 5 bowls, but Adam was up for the challenge. The first bowl was a struggle to get through, but he eventually hit is stride and polished off 5 bowls, tying the record and getting his name on the wall of fame. Based on Adam’s facial expressions after taking the first bite, this chili is no cake walk. If you think you can handle some very hot chili and have what it takes to break the record, give this challenge a shot. Or you could always finish one bowl and get your name on the wall.

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Where: Joe Roger’s Original Recipe Chili Parlor
820 S. 9th St.
Springfield, IL 62703
217.522.3722 |

Challenge: Finish 1 bowl of Joe Roger’s Firebrand Chili. Or go for the record of 5 (at time of Man v. Food taping) bowls.
Time Limit: None mentioned
People: 1
Prize: Name on the wall of fame and a star next to your name for each additional bowl after 1.
Rules: Must finish the entire bowl

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  • I want this Chili. Is it sold online or in store’s? Can it be bought and shipped from the restaurant? I would like different level’s of heat though. Or a Recipe would be even better.


  • Had two bowls of Firebrand Chili today in Springfield. David you can only eat it at the one location in Springfield, the recipe is a secret as well. It will cost you $5 a bowl.

    Not very spicy at first, I got down the first bowl in 2 minutes, and the 2nd in another 5. This was with 2 8oz cartons of milk. First, 5 bowls is a lot of chili, hot or not – After waiting a few minutes to decide on a 3rd bowl it just felt wierd in my stomach, the chili is very good and you can notice it even when its spicy. Its 12 hours later and it went right through me burning all the way.

  • I loved watching the episode of man vs food and must try a bowl! How can i get a bowl put in a 2 “zip lock” freezer bags, frozen, then mailed overnight to me in NH? I need a little help from my friends…john lennon.

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