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Flatliner Wings Challenge at Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub

flatliner wing challenge at buffalo wing factory

Virginia hasn’t been getting any love on the site yet so I figured it was time to add a challenge for those of you that live out there. And since wing challenges seem to be very popular, here you go, a wing challenge in Virginia. If you can handle the heat and want to step up to the Flatliner Wing Challenge then head on down to the Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub, they have 4 locations in Virginia so hopefully you’ll be able to find one in your area. While the challenge is much less than the record, at the time of finding this challenge the current record for most wings eaten was 42, can you top that?

Where: Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub
Multiple Locations: Click To Find One Near You

Challenge: Flatliner Wing Challenge: Eat 10 of the Flatliner Spicy Wings
Time Limit: None mentioned
People: 1
Prize: Name on the Wall of Flame
Rules: No drinking or dipping the wings in anything (thanks Luis Luna for the update), remember to ask your server for official challenge rules before attempting.

[picture is not actual Flatliner Wings, please send a picture if you have one]


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  • This challenge is easy. The flatliner wings are not as hot as some other wings I’ve had. Plus, they only want you to eat 10. No rules against using napkins or drinks.

    • So my brother tried the challenge last year and said the wings weren’t anything i couldnt handle. He actually said they were weak. So my husband and i tried the challenge two weeks ago… I cant even explain how hot they were! I ate three wings and tapped out. I’ve never had anything THAT hot before! My brother did the challenge with us… He said they are definitely not the same as last year and that they changed the recipe. The cook and managers confirmed that they changed the recipe and added “ghost chili” to the recipe starting in June of 2011. You shoul try it and see if you still think it’s not hot.

  • there are rules.
    you can’t drink anything throughout the whole challenge
    and you can’t dip the wings in anything either

  • i did this challenge successfully with the updated rules and all i have to say is…… dont!! first, let me say i have a very high spice tolerence as i have been eating spicey foods since i was 4. i have taken on many wing challenges and most are cake walks. second, i use to go to BWF and order the flatliners on 49 cent mondays and I would eat five just for fun….. that was before the change. now they make the wings hotter and they have almost a chamical smell and taste. they are not the hottest thing I have eaten and I would even be willing to do the challenge again if….. the following two days hadnt happened. i warn anyone who does this challenge that I dont care how high your tolerence is, you will get sick and be curled up into a fetal position for up to 48 hours. whatever they put in these wings destroys your stomach. i ate the wings, had some beers and my mouth was fine but about 3 hours later i was in the bathroom on the floor almost in tears….. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS CHALLENGE. unless your crazy like me haha

  • i could only eat 4 before giving up, and they wernt even that bad untill they have to sit in your stomach that like the other gy said, makes u sit in the bathroom curled up no lie… the wings also are like black with seeds scatterd on them

  • Did the cahllenge yesterday. I only ate the 10 that come in the first basket, and that was enough! Waitress told me that they were about SHU 700,000. Got the T-shirt….I’ve done just as stupid things for much less of a reward! Hot as HELL

  • I did this challenge as well. The cook came out to watch me suffer, lol. Believe it or not, it wasn’t ALL or ONLY heat, it still tasted great!

    I asked what the hottest ingredient was and I was told it was the ghost pepper, which rates on average of 1mil SHU, very rarely as high as 1.3mil SHU.

    (Suggestions to those who finish: Take pepto bismol every 2 hours after completing… I only took it once and stopped – BAD IDEA; OR seriously consider purposefully throwing up afterwards to get as much of it out of your system ASAP)

    Good Luck! Thankfully, they had 1 last t-shirt in my size or I would have had to settle for a prize that didnt fit 🙁

  • So i did it last night. i like hot but am in no way a pepper maniac. new rules and new sauce since most of these posts. no drinking or dipping, no taking the meat off with a knife and making a pile, you can wipe if you want but that takes crucial time away, since you should try to do it as fast as possible, although there is no time limit. so actually eating them was not too bad. i went fast, 3.5 min or so. hiccups started about 4 or 5 in but i fought thru. tearing and nose running began around the same time. internal mouth not burning as much as i thought but stomach was telling me to STOP lol. i split the wings first and laid all the wings and sticks against the side of the basket. started with the wings, tore the meet off each little bone in one bite and then went to the drumsticks. gotta do each stick like corn on the cob contest, real fast turn bite turn bite turn bite and move on. the real fun was after i washed and came out the bathroom, i felt like i had a 1st or second degree burn 1 inch all around my mouth. got a bit worried, kept dipping my napkin in beer and milk and blotting my mouth. that lasted about 15 minutes, felt pretty bad but was real releaved when that stopped. then the stomach pains began. felt more like i overate, you know that really full feeling. did 4 or 5 shots of pepto in the next 3 hours, had some whiskey at home and went to bed. woke up at 4am, decided i would wait until it “knocked on the door”, no sense is pushing or forcing, and expelled all in one sitting. sorry for the language but get ready, it burns. prep h after is a help if u have it. did one more “expellation” an hour later, went back to bed and all is well this morning. i think there is one more brewing, but the worst is over. it actually kind of burned doing number 1 too, kind of laughed that off cause it was more surprising than painful. i did this on a dare to myself and conquered. great resume entry! ENJOY!

  • I did this challenge yesterday at noon and had to call in sick today. I’ve been eating hot foods since I was a kid so I decided last week to try the Buffalo Wild Wings challenge and that was pretty easy. A couple of buddies who were with me said , you should try the Flatliner challenge, so like an idiot I tried it yesterday. Eating the
    Fltliners weren’t that bad, HOWEVER, and I do stress this, get ready for a whole lot of pain, it took about 6 hours, but when it came oh my god! I had the worst stomach pain ever, I actually thought I needed to go to the ER! The pain would hit intensely about every two hours and lasted all night long! I tried tums, drinking water it only made it worse. Yes I have the shirt and my name on the Wall of Flame, but it definitely wasn’t worth it, don’t do it! Like another guy posted, I felt burning when I went number one and I also feel like I’m a little sun burned! Never ever again, I have my two shirts and now I’m officially retired!

  • The locations are in the NoVa area (Chantilly, Ashburn, Sterling, Reston). If you are in DC. Reston can be reached by gray line.

  • I did this challenge yesterday at the Chantilly location. Waiver was signed, the challenge had no time limit. The main rules were that I had to remain seated at all times, no drinking liquids or dipping the wings in sauce, and if I lost, the price was $15.

    It took me 30 minutes to eat these wings. The mouth pain was fierce, but NOTHING compared to the pain in my stomach. I asked the waiter what was in the wings -after- I completed the challenge, he said it was capascin extract and something called Endorphin Rush.

    I should have known I was in trouble when I went to sign my name on the Wall of Flame and I was using the wrong HAND. While driving 40 minutes to get home, I highly considered stopping at an emergency room.

    I had stomach cramps for no less than 7 hours. These were brutal in every sense of the word. All sounds were deafening and I was overly sensitive to light during this time. I used TUMS, Pepto Bismol, and could only eat ice cream…which helped only slightly. After the wings were finally expunged from my body at 7:00pm, I was able to relax and fall asleep.

    If you want to attempt this challenge, I highly recommend the following:

    (1) DON’T DO IT, but if you do…
    (2) Wear gloves
    (3) Remove the meat from the bones and eat with a fork
    (4) Have Pepto Bismol or TUMS
    (5) Let someone else do the driving

    Shout out to the waiter who kept bringing me napkins to wipe my face/fingers/nose, he was a true professional the entire time.

  • Wow i wish i had seen these comments years ago when i did the challenge back in 2011 this explains a hell of a lot, i have always been a spice queen most of my life so some guys i work with dared me to go and do this challenge on all you can eat Thursday so i did and i actually rocked it yes it was spicy but it wasn’t that bad i ate the most wings in one sitting than i ever have i forced 28 of them down (it was all about the numbers at that point to make a statement ) and had the record and name on the wall in Reston Va, i actually enjoyed them and went back again a few more times after work to get some more, not for the challenge but just to eat some and that all came to a stop on this one day i went after work to get an order by myself and as i was eating them about the eight wing in i noticed something was not right at all i started to break out in a bad sweat i then went to the ladies room and washed my face with cold water them some cramping started i went back and paid my bill fast and left well of course i was about an hour from my house and while i was driving home is when it all started i had to pull over in the median for an emergency stop and the pain from the cramps was unbearable i thought i was going to have to call the ambulance right there on the side of the road i felt like i was dying, i was persistent to get home and after the pain subsided some was i able to finally get home where i was cramping in a fetal position for hours until it went away, i knew they did something to these wings or recipe that was different than before but i was never able to confirm it until i seen these posting, needless to say i haven’t been back since. If you do try this challenge PLEASE BEWARE IT IS NO JOKE!!

  • I did it.. Got the shirt and ordered 10 to take home to the roommate. it was so bad driving home I had to pull over and put the to-go bag in the trunk… it’s number 2 on my hot list

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