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Great Balls of Fire Challenge at Salvador Molly’s

Want to try some of the hottest cheese fritters around, then head on down to Salvador Molly’s and tell em Jack sent ya. Actually, don’t tell them Jack sent you because they probably won’t know who you’re talking about and honestly I have no clue who Jack is, it just sounded good. Anyways, 5 habanero chile cheese fritters covered in habanero sauce… mmmmmm sounds delicious. But just because they sound delicious doesn’t mean they aren’t hot, to quote commenter Michael “…I felt as if I had swallowed a porcupine dipped in battery acid…”.

Where: Salvador Molly’s
1523 Sunset Blvd
Portland, OR 97239
503.293.1790 | http://www.salvadormollys.com

Challenge: Eat 5 habanero chile cheese fritters covered in habanero sauce.
Time Limit: None Mentioned
People: 1
Prize: Picture on the Wall of Fame
Rules: None mentioned on the website, but make sure to ask your server before attempting the challenge.


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  • on Friday 10/23/09 I took the Challenge and there is no time limit.
    I finished the challenge in under 4 minutes and it was possibly the worst experience I have ever had.
    The fritters are unassuming and come with a nice looking salsa that if I had not known better I would have thought was Mango however it was not.
    There was no time limit however I moved as quickly as possible in order to get through it, the Explosive heat was lik a punch in the mouth and the flavor gave way to pain. The salsa and fritter combo was so hot it made my teeth burn, I felt as if I had swallowed a porcupine dipped in battery acid and as I worked to get them down I could not help buit think I was an Idiot.

    Upon finishing I drank 5 pitchers of water and 2 lemonades as well as an iced tea. the Burn will subside about fifteen minutes after you finish.

  • Michael: Wow, that does not sound fun, however I love your use of words so much that I’ve added a quote from you to the main post above, hope you don’t mind. Thanks for the comment.

  • I was just there last week and tried the fritters and THEY ARE HOT!!! I din’t try the challenge but don’t think I could do it. There were 5 of us and we each ate one and finished it except one of us. If you are in Portland you must try these though becasue you will not find anything hotter!! They do however have a great flavor if you can eat hot food!!!

  • I just had this tonight on my birthday party after seeing Adam Richman on Man Vs. Food do it. I like spicy things, but knew this would really hurt. I had a smoothie and water, but that was mainly for after. Eating the food wasn’t the worst part, it was the 15-30 minutes after that it burned. I made it through fine, and now my stomach doesn’t feel the best 2 1/2 hours later, but it’s not that bad. Try this at your own risk!

  • I tried one fritter about 3 hours ago…it was pure pain. I was crying and couldn’t talk/open my mouth for at least 5 minutes. For the next half hour I had to continuously keep water in my mouth. It was terrible! I remember thinking, Is there any possible way to undo what I have done? About 30 minutes later the pain subsided and I ate my meal.
    So about 2 hours later… I’m at home and my stomach starts burning. Pretty soon, I’m on the floor writhing in pain. I was nauseous, my entire stomach felt like it was on fire. I was moaning, sweating, crying… it was BAD. Thankfully I was given a strong antacid which really helped. I just can’t believe how much physical pain they would cause! I never woulda thought! Not even my worse cramps are that bad.
    So…next comes the “out” process. I’ve heard its the worst part… but after these stomach aches I can’t imagine anything worse!

    • I just ate one fritter tonight and it tasted so good but did make my teeth sweat. 30 minutes later my stomach was burning and I felt very naseous. I am not sure if this was the fritter or something else.

      My stomach normally doesn’t hurt with spicy food. I have been eating the Orenco Station grill Devil Delight burger for a while.

  • so…did the challenge last night. 2 of us tried it, 1 succeeded. the other had 2 balls and quit. The Fritters are not too bad. Hot but not unbearable…the sauce. The SAUCE!! The Sauce will make the Sauce boss question 100,000 calorie burgers and candy BBQ’s. Muscles Glasses would question himself as well and would need 1 full gallon of that Jack Daniels to get it down. 2 min-35min after…slight burning in the mouth…35min-4hrs later….try to go to bed, burning now in stomach….4-12hrs later….still burning in the stomach…….12+. no comment needed. The warning is no joke, “May cause Gastrointestional distress”. Fantastic description. I recommend everyone try one, but if you do the challenge do it on a Friday/Saturday night. That way you don’t be like THIS GUY who is at work in a cubicle questioning every decision from the night before.

  • I did it last year on my way up to Seattle from San Fran. My friend tried but only completed one. I have to agree the fritters themselves are hot, but bearable. The salsa though, i have nightmares. I love spicy foods and I too saw this on MvF so i decided to give it a try. I pretty much spent the night (until 3-4 in the am) in my hotel vomiting the so called “Porcupine soaked in battery acid.” It’s worse coming back up, trust me. I ended up having to eat a 6th one (from my friend’s plate) to actually finish the challenge because I left too much salsa.

    Glad I did it though.

  • Does anyone know what the age of the youngest person to complete this challenge is? My seven-year old’s mouth seems to be lined with asbestos. I can’t seem to defeat him.

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