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Hellfire Sushi Challenge at Kobe Sushi

Last night Adam took on a sushi challenge that will make even the biggest man break down in tears, the Hellfire Sushi Challenge. Not only do you have to eat 6 spicy tuna rolls that are jam packed with some ridiculously hot spices and sauces, but to even qualify to eat the level 7 rolls you must first eat 1 roll from the 4, 5 and 6 levels of hotness. So if you enjoy sushi and you enjoy burning your tongue and throat, I would highly suggest heading out to the Salt Lake City area and checking out Kobe Japanese Restaurant’s Hellfire Sushi Challenge.

Where: Kobe Japanese Restaurant (Kobe Sushi)
3947 South Wasatch Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84124

Challenge: Hellfire Sushi Challenge consists of eating 1 spicy tuna roll from each of the 4, 5 and 6 levels of hotness and then completing 6 of the level 7 spicy tuna rolls.
People: 1
Time Limit: None
Prize: Free t-shirt and your picture on the wall of fame
Rules: There doesn’t seem to be many rules aside from the fact that you have to stay at the table. You can eat or drink anything else that you like and there is no time limit.

[image is NOT actual sushi rolls from Kobe Sushi]


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  • Okay but not as hot as touted. A much hotter dish is Phaal Curry at Brick Lane Curry House in NYC.
    Seems that the Man Vs Food guy does a lot of theatrics when eating food that is merely hot….but not hot enough to elicit his reactions.

    • I’ve done the Phaal challenge and I just tried the hellfire last night. Hellfire hands down beats phaal my friend, you don’t know shite.

  • omg. NOOOO I want to do it next weekend too sam g! but i’ll be gone until january.

    Do tell! I want to know how it really is. Man V. Food guy doesn’t really provide any gauge since he always eats spicy food… people are like “omg 6 pound omelette i dont know if he can do it!” when he regularly eats things of that caliber.

    Hopefully i’ll see you on the wall. 😀

  • Hmm this looks like it’s in the same strip mall as the Wing Coop, I wonder if it is by the same people.

    I ate 3 of their “11” wings once for lunch. About 1/2 hour after I got back I had to take the rest of the day off so I could lie in bed at home and writhe in pain. A few hours later it felt like molten lava coming out of my ass.

    Their sauce makes BW3 “blazin” sauce seem like cold Mylanta straight from the fridge.

  • I did this challenge tonight and I seriously think I might die. I puked 3 times after eating only 4 of the 6 level 7 rolls and now I have the most unimaginably painful heartburn / stomach ache and I can’t sleep. When it flares up I’m on the ground in the fetal position thinking irrational thoughts.

    Three of us did the challenge tonight. 1 completed it, I made it through 4 and the other made it through two. I have no idea how the others are doing but it can’t be good…

    • I ate the level 25 sushi roll at Bushido in Idaho Falls… it’s apparently the same level as the level 8 at Kobe. Maybe you shouldn’t eat hot things.

  • I just did the challenge over the wknd. A little different from what I saw Adam do on the challenge. The level 7 roll looked nothing like what Adam ate. Now, you also have to eat not just a level 4, 5, 6, but also 2 level 6.5’s before you eat 6 pieces of the 7. The 6.5’s consist of 2 pieces topped with nothing but a mound of hot Thai chili powder. The 7’s are a thick layer of ground Thai chili seed paste that they concocted underneath a mound of the chili powder then another layer of the paste above the sushi piece. It is nothing but a ball of hotness with very little sushi at all. It’s actually quite disgusting. Anyways 6 pieces later and a night of GI pain, the challenge was beaten. Not worth it.

  • I was the 111th person out of 2800 to compete the Hellfire Challenge…spent 4 hours in the ER drinking Maalox with lidocaine, which didn’t help. I met the only person to compete level 8, and he said it was 10 times worse than the level 7. The price of the meal was what you would expect from a decent sushi restaurant.

  • My buddy and I flew inn from Los Angeles and took a taxi directly to this restaurant to do the
    Hellfire Spicy challenge . I did it and won, it was fun and funny . Watch it on Youtube … Burning Desire by
    Santosh Peters

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