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Stupid Wing Food Challenge at Caliente

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Looking for a place to burn the taste buds right off your tongue, then Caliente in Richmond, VA is the place you want to be. On Man v. Food last night, Adam took on the challenge and successfully ate 8 of the Stupid Wings in under 30 minutes. And while it didn’t seem terribly difficult for him, another patron attempted to eat just 1 bite and couldn’t continue. So, do you have what it takes to take down these throat burning, heart burn inducing wings?

Stupid Wing Food Challenge

  • 8 Wings Covered in Ridiculously Hot Sauce

Food Challenge Rules/Prizes

  • 1 Person
  • Time Limit: 30 Minutes
  • Prize: T-Shirt that reads “I’m Stupid”
  • Rules: No Ranch dressing, no milk, 1 drink, 1 napkin
  • Must keep food down until you are paid and have left the restaurant


Caliente Restaurant
2922 Park Ave.
Richmond, VA 23221
804.340.2920 |

[image is not actual wings, if you have an image of actual challenge wings please send it in]


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  • Hot as hell, but crushed them in 3 Min’s on Oct. 2nd at lunch. The heat is not the prob. Its the 6 hours of gut churning pain afterwords.

    • True facts. I wish I had been lucky enough to decide to eat them during the day, so I didn’t wake up trying to shit them out but just getting esophagus churning indigestion.

  • I did this challenge 3 days ago, have not slept a good night yet. I thought after one it would be ok, but when the burn stays for 24 hours there is a problem.

  • Does any1 know the Scoville Rating for these? i saw him do it on man vs food and i wanna do the challenge to.. i live bout 2 hrs away from richmond and i love to eat hot and spicey foods.i did the Blazen challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings like 4 times and it was simple and it was 4 wings and the scoville for blazen sauce is 200,000-350,000 i jsut wanted to know what im in for if i go

    • It’s funny you mention this, we went to watch the Bears/Seahawks game at Buffalo Wild Wings this past weekend and my dad ordered the Blazin Wings and finished them no problem. I had no idea there was a challenge associated with them though, I’ll have to let him know… Looks like it’s only specific locations though

      • oh yeah its so easy. 12 wings in 6 minutes, i had a friend do it in a minute and 16 seconds. i went yesterday and had some of the wild which is right below the blazen and didnt even feel the heat so i think im getting better and building and immunity

    • It said on the Man v. Food show he used 5 drops of Pure Capsaicin Extract in the mix, and that registers at a whopping 15m-16million Scoville units! So I can only imagine if he pours in past sauce used with that extact in there over and over again, it’s gonna be way too insense. Screw B-Dub’s… this is the real deal.

    And I was sick for a good two days afterwards.

    Further rules that aren’t mentioned:
    -You get ONE glass. I had iced tea. MAKE IT LAST.
    -You get ONE napkin. “Use it wisely,” as they say.
    -You must keep down the food until you are paid and have left the restaurant.

    The wings left me a broken shell of a man. I downed a half bottle of Pepto in the ensuing days.

    Everything they warned me about happened. Burns, humiliation, ring of fire, upset stomach…damn.

    (Also, let it be known, Adam on Man v. Food did not follow the one napkin or one drink rules! He’s got two glasses on the table and a pile of napkins!)

    The pain starts in the mouth, moves to the throat, stays in the stomach for a few days, and…well, let’s just say it continues going south from there.

    Boo. Frickin’. YAH.

    • Dang, that’s intense. Thanks for posting the rules. My friend and I are itching to go try it soon. My friend’s the guy with the insane immunity to hot sauce w/ collector’s bottles of 5 million scoville stuff. I like a good challenge. My strategy is going to be to pick all the meat off with my hands, then once I have my pile of meat, I’ll slam it all down my throat at once.

      That’s not against the rules, right?

    • The waiver I signed says nothing to eat or drink other than the Stupid Wings. Also, no silverware allowed. The problem is the heat(both temperature and spice) and being forced tp feel it the entire time. The real problem was the following 6 hours of gut wrenching pain. Worth a T-shirt? Hell yes.

  • I can’t w8 2 try these wings…i luv hot n spicy foods…i just happen 2 c the n of adam’s segment – just enuf 2 catch where it was located…so, now my quest is on 2 down these wings with pleasure – lol…i hope they don’t let me down like other so called “hot, fiery, hell, blazin wings”. my 2 yrs old can eat some of the blazin wings – lol…i won’t let her try these…i’m pumped n my mouth is w8 n 4 the marriage n joy…come on n make my mouth h2o, nose run, i’s h2o, n make me confess my sins – lol…

    • Don’t be so confident. I eat daves insanity sauce like its candy, i love it. I tried this challenge and it was murder. The heat is really intense, takes ur breath away like no other. And after u eat them, ur gut has the most excruciating pain. I wouldnt recommend it, but if its one of those find out for yourself type things then go for it. Have fun!

  • I completed the challenge last night and I would not recommend anyone doing it. I did the quaker steak challenge on Friday and it wasn’t too bad but this was not even in the same league! After talking with some of the staff I found out that on man vs. food Adam would not do it unless they didn’t put the ghost chili’s in there. So needless to say what you saw on tv was rigged! If you do it you WILL puke and you WILL want to die. One tip is to let the wings cool down temperature wise before starting,order grapefruit juice as your drink to have with the wings, have someone you are with ready to pay the tab as soon as you are done and run like hell upon completion to prevent you from puking before you leave. LET ME REPEAT THIS….YOU WILL PUKE….MORE THAN ONCE! It is the capsaicin oil that WILL make you puke. I am begging anyone who reads this to save yourself the pain it si simply not worth it.

    • Happy to hear that you eoeynjd them … have been there twice in the past month (the 2nd time hoping it would be better). Both times very disappointed. Guess I am not a fan of the “broiled wings”. Much better when they served Stacks wings

  • BWW blazin’ challenge is nothing as far as wing challenges go. I get the blazin sauce all the time for pleasure. It has mild heat to me and a very good flavor since i think, according to my taste buds, they use a ketschup base. anyway, ive done many wing challenges and smoked all of them seeing as though spicey foods are what i live for, however, i have never done this one for one reason….. buffalo wing factory flatliner challenge. since they changed the rules at this wing chain the wings are hotter and the worst part is the 2 following days. i got the wings down in 2 mins 45 secs and they were hot but ive had hotter foods. but the pain the extract or whatever ingredient is in the wings causes extreme stomach pain and vomiting for up to 48 hours. now, whenever i see a wing challenge that uses extract instead of just ghost chilies or other spicey ingredients I normally back down. the wings even smelled of pepper spray and had a chemical taste. this challenge reminds me alot of that one….. beware

  • Today I did the Challenge at Caliente I completed it and recieved a T shirt, But let me up date you guys on the Rules. First of All you have to eat eight of those hell fire wings in under 30 minutes. you get one napkin, NOTHING to drink, Thats right you can’t drink anything. No ranch no milk, just the wings. After you eat all the wings you have to wait intill your check is payed before you get the tshirt. What i did was I ate all eight in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Scarf them down as soon as possible because the longer you take the worse it is. After you eat them you can have any beverage you want i sugest milk and sip slowly wait for the extreme burn in the throat to come back then sip again. Then comes the after effects Your stomach starts churning, the acid burps come and then you feel sick like you have to throw up. After we left there about 20 minutes i threw up a lil bit but i feel normal.. I dont suggest to do it but if you love to challenge your self go for it just eat the m fast and suck it up and when using the bathroom wear gloves if your a male just a suggesten.

  • My friend just did the challenge and he was only allowed one napkin and nothing to drink. I think they’ve updated the rules again.

  • I did the challenge earlier today and I sorely wish I didn’t. I finished all 8 wings miraculously, with the owner talking crap I might add. You get NO drink and only ONE napkin. You’re not allowed to stand up once you’ve started eating and you have to eat the wings with your mouth only, meaning you cant peel the meat off with your hands. I quickly downed the milk they gave me and then spent a good 10 min in the bathroom just letting the water from the sink run over my burning face. Once I got home I couldn’t help but throw up, which brought the burning right back to my mouth and nose. Then came the excruciating stomach pains. The level of pain I was in is indescribable. I was reduced to a child, writhing on the floor screaming for the pain to stop. It’s a couple hours after the challenge now and while most of the pain has stopped, every now and then it spikes up again. Not looking forward to the next couple of days. My recommendation: DON’T DO THIS CHALLENGE!!

  • in the UK they have pretty heavy and insane health and safety laws that wouldn’t allow this sort of challenge, but I’m surprised that they allow it in the USA too. The one Adam did where there was drink allowed is one thing, but to change the rules to make it almost impossible is going against the realms of basic sportsmanship.

    Pure Capsaicin Extract – Insane on its own
    NO DRINK – Totally unfair
    One napkin – Well, ok, that’s bearable
    All in 30 mins – It is a challenge after all
    Not being allowed to stand – What’s that all about?

    And the stupid sauce gets worse every time it’s used, so the rating gets higher and higher.

    This challenge needs to stop before someone ends up in hospital with a stomach rupture or ulcerations. That piece of paper that you sign will mean nothing in court if you get represented by a damn good lawyer.

  • “Rosslyn Rose says:
    May 13, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    in the UK they have pretty heavy and insane health and safety laws that wouldn’t allow this sort of challenge, but I’m surprised that they allow it in the USA ”

    I’m not sure how they get around our U.S. health dept laws either if they have been dumping the extra sauce all together for however many years, and that in itself is more likely the cause of all the after effects like vomiting and stomach pains.

    Unless they forgot to tell us about some extra ingredient that was used as a preservative, then everyone is probably getting sick from food poisoning.

    I use pure cap (the extract) in a lot of foods along with other peppers and spices and have even tasted it by itself straight from the dropper , and have never been sick from it to the point I was vomiting.

  • I wonder if some of the sickness experienced isn’t due to the fact that the sauce is used to cover the wings batch after batch (yes, they are cooked but that won’t stop the spread of eColi, et al from growing from one bad batch of chicken). Since it probably sits in a food container for quite some time since not many probably order the wings…imagine the bacteria festering in the sauce day after day. I am not saying the heat isn’t a big part of the stomach ailments, however, I would bet the other component you are experiencing is food poisoning.

  • I completed the challenge and it was rough for even a seasoned heathead like myself. Do not try this challenge if you’ve never had the ghost chili, it’s out of your league. if you do the challenge I would recommend that you induce vomiting as soon as you can. For me, I tried to keep it down and it was the worst pain I’ve experienced in my life, only to finally throw it up anyways 6 hours later. It actually makes me wonder if the food poisoning thing could be true.

  • I am writing this review sitting on the toilet. The ring of fire has just set in. Those wings are beyond describable heat! I love spicy food, but this is unbearable. I did 2 1/2 wings and couldn’t do anymore. I have done the blazin challenge at bdubs and this sauce makes blazin taste like mild! As for the rules, the no drink doesn’t matter. No amount of water or beer will tame the inferno. I should have listened to all the review stating to not do it. I have been in extreme stomach pain the last 4 hours. I have never been in this kind of pain and I have been pepper sprayed for training before! DO NOT TRY THIS CHALLENGE!!!

  • This challenge is not safe, Ecoli and salmonella will be festering in that tub. It would be interesting to send a sample for analysis. The sauce touches raw chicken and is then put back in the tub (MADNESS) and by the looks of it that tub had never been washed.

  • I ate 6, 3ish hours ago THE PAIN IS INSANE!! as long as I lay down with my knees up I only feel mild stomach pain with transform spikes of incredible pain, every time I stand up the pain is unbearable, to think that this will last for that long is disheartening,i wish I could induce vomiting but I’ve never been able to do that, this is far worse than any hangover I’ve ever has in my entire life!!

  • Let me tell everyone the cure…while eating it, its gonna be awful and for a while after too, but after hours of excruciating stomach pains I could bear it any longer and finally made myself throw up. now I’ve never been able to do this before as a hangover cure so i did some quick research online and found out that all you have to do is stir 3-4 tablespoons of salt in water and chug it, let me just say that IT WORKS perfectly, after the second swallow i threw up and threw up twice.

    it may have been the worst puking EVER but after getting over that (which took bout 20 min) my stomach was literally CURED!! i mean i cannot tell you how thankful I am to have decided to do this cus now i still feel fine and the times of these posts must be off cus i posted the last 2 at around 830pm and am now posting this at 1018pm and i feel 100% fine and better! sooo if you find yourself with extreme stomach pains after taking on this challenge or another like it, please save yourself the countless hours of torture and just go ahead and do what i did, i promise IT WILL WORK!!

  • I did it over the summer and 3 hours later was in so much pain I considered going to the hospital. It took my system nearly a week to recover, including a 24-36 hour stretch where I could not eat solid food. But I got the free T-shirt!!!!

  • I ate three today. I ate the first two and my throat started closing up on me. I forced the third one down and was done. I drank the milk, went to the bathroom, washed my hands, urinated, and puked everywhere. This challenge is like eating Satan’s shit!!!

    • This is Jeff from Richmond. I did the challenge yesterday December 27 and I got through three I felt like I was gonna puke stomach pain yes when you go take a wee wee it burns had stomach pains for about three hours then I was OK even though I didn’t vomit it’s the spice That induces vomiting so now it’s the morning after I feel pretty good but in the middle of the night fire in your bowels so what I would say is not worth it because they don’t taste that good I repeat do not do this challenge

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