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Suicide Six Wings Food Challenge at Buffalo Cantina

suicide six wing food challenge at buffalo cantina

Last night on Man v. Food Adam ventured back to his hometown of Brooklyn, NY to take on a challenge that was too much for him in a previous episode, but this time he was ready. The Suicide Six Wing Challenge at Buffalo Cantina in Brooklyn is so hot that the one guy Adam got to try a single wing was barely able to talk after eating it. But this time Adam was able to conquer this ridiculously spicy/hot challenge and got his revenge.

Suicide Six Wings Food Challenge

  • 6 Buffalo Wings covered in suicide sauce

Food Challenge Rules/Prizes

  • 1 Person
  • Time Limit: 6 Minutes
  • No Prize Mentioned
  • No rules mentioned, but ask your server before attempting


Buffalo Cantina
149 Havemeyer St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
718.218.7788 |

[picture courtesy of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food]


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  • Wait, did they change it to 6 minutes? Not fair. I had to do it in three minutes (I can proudly say I was one of the first to do it 😉 ). Catch my pic on the wall there. I got a green t-shirt on

  • Adam didn’t do the real challenge. They have a hotter wing called the Seppuku (or something like that) and you have to eat 12 in 3 minutes. These wings are very hot, but manageable. The challenge is the quantity in such a short period of time. I’ve been able to do 6 in 4 minutes, but I was really eating them (no meat left on the bones).

    As for the suicide wings, they are like candy. It seems like MvF created their own challenge because not only did they not use the hottest wings, but halved the quantity and doubled the time.

  • yo i did this shit.. but the only thing is i did 12 in 3 minutess.. shouldve got 2 free tshirts andd a free beer ya cheap basterdss loll.. great challenge for who evers up to it

    • This is the “suicide wing” challenge? MvF should have done the revised “seppuku” challenge. I did it because I love spicy food and my friends were calling me out on it.

      12 wings, 3 minutes. My face was trembling and my hands tingling when I finished, it was surreal. the challenge presented 2 equally difficult steps… the sheer volume of food (must average a wing every 15 seconds!) they’re pretty hardy sized wings, AND they are pretty damned hot. The “seppuku” is japanese for suicide with a sword to the stomach (google for an exact translation) and well, the next day it feels like you’re trying to crap a porcupine.

      I suggest any spice lover give it a whirl!!

  • Yes, Seppuku wings are the actual challenge. Stupid hot. Succeeded in the Seppuku challenge but would not recommend anyone else do this challenge. You get the wings for free if you finish them and a shirt and your picture on the wall but the stomach damage is not worth the prize. You don’t finish them then you pay for the wings. This challenge is only for the truely moronic (yes I include myself in this category 🙂 )

  • original challenge was 6 Seppuku in 3 minutes. I believe they made the wings milder when they upped it to 12 wings in 3 minutes. Maybe there was a worry about a lawsuit or hospitilization.

  • I’m going there next weekend with my family, including my 8 year old son. He expects me to man up, so it looks like I’m in for the Seppuku. Let you know how it turns out.

  • I attempted the seppuku yesterday. I got two wings in me and called it quits. It’s the hottest thing me or any of my friends have tasted. If you’re thinking of doing the challenge just remember ” what goes in, must come out; and it burns both ways”

  • I finished the seppuku challange (12 seppuku wings) in 2 minutes of the allocated 3 minutes. By far, the worst part came after eating them.

  • I took the Seppuku challenge twice and beaten it. (A first for the challenge,and on my second time beating it I broke the house record for fastest time to consume all 12 in a minute and 20 seconds) The first time it burned like hell, but all honesty you buld up a little immunity to it when you do it more then once. Yes I admit I’m bold for doing this twice but heck you only get one chance in life to do something great.

  • You guys are wrong. the actual challenge is the SEPPUKU Challenge at buffalo cantina. It’s 12 seppuku-flavored wings in 3 minutes. (it’s actually 10x spicier than the suicidal sauce). Ridiculously difficult.

  • Yep the Seppuku – Japanese for stabbing yourself to death in the stomach – challenge is pretty maniacal. 12 wings in 3 minutes of the hottest stuff I’ve ever eaten by a long shot.

    While the heat is pretty intense I found just getting the volume of wings down in 3 minutes to be the hard part. I managed 8 in 3 mins but did eat all 12. Two of the people who came to watch us do the challenge tried a bite or two of the wings and literally started crying!!

    The Seppuku aspect of the challenge shows up a couple of hours alter where you’ll feel like broken glass is being kicked around your digestive tract for 24 hours. This is much worse than the actual eating of the wings.

    Having said all this I’m looking forward to doing it again and finishing under 3 mins.

  • Hey guys, I completed the Seppuku hot wings challenge at Buffalo Cantina, 12 hot ass wings in 3 minutes, they seriously are like little nuclear warheads, then you have to do the blasted 3 minute afterburn after you finish it (im really surprised I did it), that part sucked, but the worst part is the feeling that there is an animal with sharp spikes protruding out of it living in your stomach the day after, I felt like a moron, but hey anything for the food glory!!! If you guys go there check my picture out, i got a red portugal soccer jersey on!

  • I did this challenge and gave up after 2 wings. But that’s not the end of it. My mouth was on fire for about 20 minutes and my stomach felt like I drank a bottle of lava.

  • Just completed the Seppuku Wings Challenge yesterday. Apparently this is the second version and it’s now 12 wings in 3 minutes plus an additional 3 minutes of just sitting there afterwards. It was miserable but I finished. The spicyness wears off pretty quickly but your stomach will hurt for the rest of the day. And yes, it burns on the way out too…

    Just wanted to add that I did this the day after I completed the Phaal Curry Challenge which, in comparison to the wings, was nothing!

    Also feel disappointed in Adam for not doing the real challenge. That’s kinda weak!

  • I did this challenge a few months ago, got 10 in me, before time ran out. Hottest things ever. Looking back it was a lot of fun, but that night was ROUGH!! The wings were overcooked and chewy, otherwise I think i would have had it. But I will never go back and try agian.

  • I have done although of challenges and want to attempt this one so bad! Wonder what its like compared to the shut up juice sandwich?

  • I know know as a man what it is like to go into labor. I literally pissed fire and had to check for blood coupled with the excruciating stomach pains, a few hous after. Now I literally forget math!!!!

  • Can anyone email me the recipe for the wings??? I want a go but live in England and will not be visiting in near future!!! Please

  • hottest thing ever ate 7 n gave up …. punishment to your stomach … was constipated that weekend n when i finally went i almost died … not fun will never do again

  • can’t say I’m sorry to see this place closed… did seppuku challenge years ago AFTER the MvF episode and it was easily the worst pain my stomach has ever gone through and just to put it in perspective I went through an emergency splenectomy. not kidding, would take the splenectomy every time. did the 12 wings in 3 minutes, but I would NEVER do it again… ever. not worth it.

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